This is really really hard work…

Anita Borg January 17, 1949 – April 6, 2003

Anita Borg, 1999

Anita Borg, 1999

Besides being an accomplished systems researcher, Anita Borg was a technology rebel with a cause, she fought tirelessly to ensure that technology’s impact would be a positive one. As a woman she fought to include, inspire and empower women as technology creators and leaders. Anita’s Quilt is proud to help pass her inspiration forward.

Anita’s vision for technology and the world:

Anita inspired so many. In the Celebration of her life, many talk about her extraordinary gifts and impact she made on their lives.

The Quilt Committee remembers Anita:

Check out: Anita

I thought about Anita’s ways of bringing people together, and the process of piecing a quilt came to mind… Anita was fascinated by people as well as technology and big, bold ideas, and she enjoyed connecting people to one another to help realize those ideas… she joyfully connected people without any particular agenda, but just because if she found them interesting, she was pretty sure others would, too… Carol Muller

Anita introduced me to an amazing group of Technical Women. Some I met at her women’s parties, dancing and hot tubbing until dawn; some as her side-kick at early Grace Hopper Celebrations, and some that she brought together for the Institute. She always handed me an amazing amount of responsibility, and inspired me to work outside my comfort zone. Every day I continued to be awed and inspired by these women in technology.Kathy Richardson

Anita lived across the road from me in the hills way above Palo Alto. We spent many informal times at her kitchen table with our dogs underfoot, sharing war stories and talking about her vision – founding the Insitutute for Women AND Technology (the AND was very important to her). Anita was emphatic and persistent in her belief that women must design and control how technology enhances our lives. At some point she would pause her words, look at me with a very serious expression on her face and state “… this is very very very hard work!” Then she’d smile and we’d laugh, for we knew it was worth the effort. In retrospect each of us should be so lucky to find her purpose and a great community to take it on. Ellen Lapham

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