Go Abroad – Experience the Meaning of Globalization

by Kumi Ito
IBM Solutions Program Executive, Global Technology Services

Kumi Ito

Kumi Ito

Dear young Kumi,
Hi, I know you are always anxious about the future, from your career to your height… but I promise, you don’t have to worry about all of them. Life is full of fun and greatness. You just think about your real hope and the way to get it.
You don’t have to follow your parents’ words literally, “Become elementary school teacher” – if you find the way you want to go, they will support you. And keep your reading – I still love reading books. The books are always your best friends. Also, your singing will bring you a new world; please practice and sing outside.

During my life, I love to do things differently, do things for others to get their happy faces. You can do such kind of things in many ways. Currently, older Kumi, it’s me, is working at IBM as strategy consultant. It is one of the greatest choice during my life. The company offered me tons of chances including international assignment, the colleagues gave me a wonderful discussion time and “a-ha” moments. Especially, the versatile “my” clients gifted me wonderful moment of “we did! Thanks you, Kumi!”
You always love your friends – it is another important side of your life. Your friends are your treasure. Please keep the relationship with them – forever.

One last, but very important suggestion is “go abroad”. I went abroad when I graduate the university. And shamefully, I did not learn English, and learn from global for a long time. I was totally wrong. The earlier is better. Please learn English in writing, speaking, and listening to communicate with global people as soon as possible. Go overseas not only US, but also Asia, Europe, Africa… You cannot imagine how these experiences might change your life. If you notice the importance of the meaning of globalization, it will provide you tons of benefit.
You future is wonderful – please enjoy your daily life! Love,

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