Christine Arnold

by Christine Arnold
Director, Cloud Managed Services
IBM Global Technology Services; Europe

Christine Arnold

Christine Arnold

Dear Christine,

You are only 8 years old and it is so cute to see you reading books like someone might eat sweets, I trust you might want to write a book yourself one day and wish your work balance will allow for it. It will always be up to you to manage what is important for you.

Christine Arnold , age 8

8 year old Christine

Number 3 ex-aequo of a 6 kid family, you are so lucky to have a (non identical) twin, she is a beloved present for life. Your mother also has one and their relationship is simply a model. Plus having one brother and four sisters is something very few people can tell about teams.

Not only will it help you to deal with peers (and teams), you were born with one yourself, but also to care, and remain balanced. One day you will have your own team, 1, 2, 3 Kids? Who knows?
When you go through the garden now, getting to your grandmother’s house, you run, because you love running very fast and want to pass the finish line and win. As you grow, whatever you choose to do, keep moving forward with as much enthusiasm and passion you have now, looking backward is not interesting compared to what is ahead of you , what you can achieve, create, and learn everyday, a flower, an animal, one little thing, simply be curious.
One thing I trust you will enjoy is to deal with people from different cultures, try to share with them the best of the French culture, open up to theirs, it is unbelievable how rich this can be.
I wish you to have fun every day, being part of a world that does not yet exist, will transform itself and you will be part of this journey.
Give the best to others, and more than any thing, keep smiling, your nice sense of humour, you will need it sometimes and you will always be ready to receive
smiles, they are presents of life :+)))

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