Hester Ngo

by Hester Ngo
IBM Director, Smarter Analytics Solutions

Hester Ngo

Hester Ngo

Dear Hester,
Here you are, having delivered the valedictory address to your high school graduating class – surrounded by friends and family, eagerly anticipating what life has to offer next. On the surface, things can’t be better – making it to your university and program of choice and being chosen among all incoming freshmen to deliver the welcome speech. Yet, uncertainty reigns.
Father’s business has fallen apart and he has fled the country. Mother and your 5 younger siblings have all moved back in with Grandpa and Grandma. Watching Mother go through this ordeal was very painful – she acted as though our world has crumbled and we’re the victims of a cruel world. She never ventured outside the house. She waited and waited for Father to rescue us out of this state. But we did not hear back from him for a very long time.
Through Mother’s plight of powerlessness, you resolved to be a different kind of woman – one that takes life on with its many challenges and rises above them.

Life is not always fair – we take the cards we’ve been dealt and make the most of it. Be grateful everyday for the opportunity that has been given to you. Strive to be better, wiser and more loving than you were the day before. Put to rest the critic in you that judges and compares you against others. Instead, reflect deeply on who you are. Be true to yourself, find your passion and let it be your guide. Don’t be carried away planning way into the future. The moment that counts is the present – live it fully!
May your journey be composed of an infinite number of defining moments – starting with the present one – the only moment that really exists…
With love, Hester

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