Kathy Richardson

System Architect and Artist

Kathy spent 20+ years in the Silicon Valley research and startup community where she worked extensively in the area of performance monitoring, evaluation, and modeling for data systems and internet infrastructure.
After after a stint working as a full time mosaic and glass artist, she now spends part time on phone/tablet assistive technology. She finds working with much younger techie’s at hackathons and code weekends is a great way to connect locally with other women in tech and rapidly pick up new skills and technical inspiration.

She has been an active member of the Systers and Grace Hopper Celebration communities long before the Anita Borg Institute was founded. For Systers she has supported infrastructure code development, sponsoring interns and mentoring open source work. She was track chair for many of the early GHC conferences. She joined the Anita Borg Institute advisory board when the Institute was founded and takes on a variety of projects. She co-founded the Anita Borg Awards, and is currently leading the Anita’s Quilt story project along with other advisory board members.

More info:
Art Gallery: Mosaics and Fused Glass
@kjrtech: Sharing accomplishments of techie women

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