Preview: Showing Compassion Through Computation

By Joy Buolamwini

Joy Buolamwini

Joy Buolamwini

Being from Ghana but having lived in the US most of my life and been the beneficiary of the generosity of many organizations, I know that there are others around the globe who are just as capable as I am but have not had the same opportunities.  I’ve had many opportunities to improve my skills and connections to increase my potential impact, and want to pass some of that forward.

I believe the heart of computing is humanity and my life’s mission is to show compassion through computation by encouraging those under represented in technology fields to become full participants in the creation of the future. In the video I share my story and introduce you to the Zamrize project. I founded Zamrize to empower African youth to become creators of technology through exposure, education, and entrepreneurship.

When I speak about Zamrize, I am very much speaking about me, but more broadly the positive potential we have as humanity. I encourage each of you to think about how we engage with the world, ourselves, and the artifacts of creation in the 21st century.

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