Robin Jeffries

Robin Jeffries is an User Research Analyst at Google and was previously a Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer.
Dr. Jeffries spent 15 years as a researcher in Human Computer Interaction at the University of Colorado, Carnegie-Mellon University, and Hewlett-Packard Laboratories before moving to work on products at Sun Microsystems and now Google. She is the author of over 70 papers with more than 2000 citations in the areas of human-computer interaction and cognitive science and holds 5 patents. She is listed in Who’s Who.

Besides publishing extensively in the HCI arena,
Dr. Jeffries has been a leader within the SIGCHI community since 1985, taking on a variety of roles including Adjunct Chair for Special Needs, Adjunct Chair for Mentoring, and a serving as a member of SIGCHI’s Advisory Board. Through these roles she has been responsible for many SIGCHI initiatives. Dr. Jeffries has also held several CHI conference positions, including Papers Co-Chair and Technical Program Chair, and led the CHI Child Care effort in its early days.

Dr. Jeffries dedicates a substantial amount of her time to the Anita Borg Institute, where she supports Systers, the oldest international electronic community of women in computing. Under her leadership, Systers has grown from 2000 to 3600 women and has started a number of initiatives, including the Systers Pass-it-on Awards and the Systers’ Google Summer of Code Projects.

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