Sheila Isbell

Sheila Isbell

Sheila Isbell

Sheila is a Research Scientist at Georgia Tech Research Institute. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Clemson University and a Masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. A Syster, GHC and Women of Vision attendee, Sheila has been a long time participant of Anita Borg Institute communities. She is the Project Director in charge or researching, designing and implementing a web and mobile platform that aggregates statewide multiagency health information data for a vulnerable, high-risk, and transient population. Sheila is Principal Investigator of an online tool project that creates a personalized catch-up childhood immunization schedule for Health Professionals and for Care Takers with an interface that varies information levels based on the indicated role of the user. She also travels to Kenya several times a year as Co-Principal Investigator on the GTRI task force for Global Health project where she provides technical supervision of the Kenyan programmers and advises on technological use and strategic planning for sustainability.
Sheila was keynote speaker of NCWIT Aspiration Georgia Affiliate Award Celebration in Atlanta in February 2013, a program where she is also a judge in both the national and state award programs. She is also a member of ACM, SWE, AAAI and NSBE.

You can follow her @sheilaisbell.

Most Recent Case Study
Protecting Children: Online Tool Creates Personalized Catch-Up Immunization Schedules for Missed Childhood Vaccinations.

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